August Craft Month Exhibitions

3 - 27 August 2016

Katie Brown & Shauna McGowan
Susanna Shearman, Christine Jalio & Mervi Viitajylha

Textile print specialists Katie Brown & Shauna McGowan collide, showcasing innovative printworks with art, fashion & interior applications. Inspired by atmosphere, place & architectural detail, Brown explores traditional & digital print on textiles. Moved by mythology, McGowan investigates traditional screen-print on leather, creating pieces that straddle fine art & design.

Susanna Shearman, Christine Jalio & Mervi Viitajylha work in very different disciplines – fiction writer, jewellery and prop designer respectively. In their collaborative project ‘Beyond’ they combine their individual skills to explore loss, memories, grief and acceptance. In this project they are studying how one feels about losing a friend or a close relative, how the memories change its shape and how the longing unfolds over time. The project is a continuation of Christine Jalio’s award winning contemporary jewellery collection, Past, Loss, Future, that tells the story of aging, personal loss and life before and after big turning points in life.