Seacourt Members' Exhibition 2017 December 2  - January 26

This is an open Submission Exhibition

Technique and Number
All original printmaking techniques are eligible. Each artist may submit up to two framed works and ten prints for the print racks. 

Paper Size and Framing
There are no restrictions on paper size. ALL prints must be framed in white or black frames only.

Work must arrive at Seacourt Print Workshop on or before Tuesday 28 November 2017

Framed Works

Framed works must be strung for display - if they are not they will not be installed. You must place a label on the back of framed works; please clearly write your name, title, the edition number, number available,  technique and price.

Print Racks

Prints to be placed in the print racks should be backed with card, wrapped in clear cellophane and have a label with the above details on the back. We ask that each of you review your prints to ensure that you have no more than 10.  Prints left from last year’s exhibition should be replaced.  Prints should be put into the racks anytime before Tuesday 28th November.  Please make sure that rack prints are recorded in the yellow file and include the number of prints in the edition which are available for sale.

Pricing and Sales
The gallery will take 25% commission from the selling price on both framed and unframed prices. Please allow for commission when setting your prices. Seacourt will issue payments for prints sold directly to the artist at the end of the exhibition.

Return of Prints
Prints unsold at the end of the exhibition should be collected on the 26 January 2018.

Seacourt Print Workshop follows all regulatory protocols in relation to data handling. By completing the form below you are consenting for Seacourt Print Workshop to use your data for the purposes of recording your submission to the Members' Annual Exhibition. Your data will be held securely and not shared with any third parties for any purpose.

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Title, Edition, Edition Number, Technique, Price
Title, Edition, Edition Number, Technique, Price

We will remove any data we hold about you on request.  Please email a remove data request to