International Open Submission Mini-Print Biennial

Printmakers and artists using printmaking in their practice are invited to submit original prints in any printed medium.

Ausma Smite 'Kukainas', lithograph

Ausma Smite 'Kukainas', lithograph

Submission deadline is the 25th March 2016
Paper size 20cmx20cm
A maximum of two prints can be entered per participant which can be from an edition or two different prints.

One work will be displayed on the gallery wall. The remaining prints will be available for viewing in the gallery browsers.
An entry fee of £10.00 per member is required. This will cover handling, installation and return postage of unsold work.
The exhibition will run from April 7th to May 20th. Following the exhibition at The Centre for Contemporary Printmaking prints from the browser will be displayed in the FE McWilliam Gallery and Down Arts Centre for a further month. Works will be posted back before the June 30th.


Submission Guidelines

Technique and number of works

All printmaking techniques are eligible. Each artist may submit two works.

Paper Size and Image Size

Paper size must be 20 cm by20cm.The image can be any shape and size within the paper size. Prints on paper larger than this will be returned to entrants.

Entry Fee

A non-refundable entry fee of £10 is payable by entrants to submit up to 2 prints. Payment in the UK can be made by £sterling cheques made payable to ‘Seacourt Print Workshop’, or via credit/debit card using PayPal. 


Work must arrive at Seacourt Print Workshop on or before 25th March 2016. The prints must be packed flat without mount, sent as letter post, labelled ‘Printed Matter-No Commercial Value’, with the fee (in the case of payment by £sterling/cheque) and the entry form. One print should be prepared to be placed in a print browser; backed with thin card, wrapped in clear cellophane. Please include an address label for return of unsold prints. All Prints must be titled and signed just below the image. On the back, please clearly write your name, the number and title of the work, process, and price as on the entry form, in pencil using block capitals.Wrapped prints should have a label with the above details on the back. Submission deadline is the 25th March 2016

Seacourt The Centre for Contemporary Printmaking
Unit20 Dunlop Industrial Estate,
Balloo Drive,
Bangor (Down) BT19 7QY
Northern Ireland


Although the prints will always be handled with the greatest care, the organizers cannot be responsible for any loss or damage during transit. If work is damaged during transit artists will be emailed a photo documenting the damage

Pricing and sales

The gallery will take 25% commission from the selling price. Please allow for commission when setting your prices. The gallery will issue payments for prints sold directly to the artist.

Return of Prints

Prints unsold at the end of the exhibition will be returned to the artist.


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