Mythical Creatures February 2 - March 30

A themed exhibition of original prints by the Arizona Print Group

Initiated by artists Joan Thompson, Melinda Wing, and Carol Jenna, The Arizona Print Group was formed in 2001. The organisation was established in response to the lack of co-ordinated opportunities for printmakers to promote their practice in Arizona and as a support network for students graduating from Arizona State University;  one  of the best printmaking departments in United States.  Marlys Kubicek and Deborah Hodder joined with the founders to present the groups first exhibition at the Arizona Artists Guild building in April 2001.  

Wendy Willis, 'Kurma', relief

Wendy Willis, 'Kurma', relief

Over the course of the intervening years the group has exhibited regularly, shared their technical knowledge with one another and provided public talks, demonstrations and workshops.  Now numbering over thirty members the group continues to grow and forge wider links with the national and international print community.

The exhibition ‘Mythical Creatures’ is one of a number of initiatives to encourage members to exhibit together, challenging each other to creatively respond to a set theme and expand their understanding of techniques such as lithography, woodcut, linocut, relief engraving, letterpress, serigraphy (silk screen), intaglio and photopolymer processes. Developing from this exhibition will be a print exchange project between APG and Seacourt followed by artist exchange opportunities.  

Exhibiting artists:

Jo Andersen, Josephine Gibbs-Archer, Donna Atwood, Stu Biscoe, Kimberley Boege, Donna Carver, Ashley B. Cranney, Betsy Dally, Christine Dawdy, Brenda Diller, Norma Galindo, Linda Haas, Jennifer Henry, Karen Hymer, Eric Hodgins, Marlys Kubicek, Maria Lynam, Paulette Olive, Ann Otis, Leslie Parsons, Donn Rawlings, Susan L. Ritter, Marjorie Rogers, Jean L. Rossman, Steve Straussner, Marika Szabo, Glory Tacheenie-Campoy, Joan Thompson, Robert Wilder, Mary Lou Wills, Wendy Willis

You can learn more about Arizona Print Group here