ORCHIDACEAE by Elisabeth Donaldson in our members' gallery

Elizabeth Donaldson's ORCHIDACEAE is illustrative of the artist’s long term interest in how art and nature converge.

This new series of prints are vibrant and bold and continue the floral motifs and playful abstractions that frequently appear in Donaldson's artistic practice. Her love of these exotic and compelling florals was love born from visits to the Ulster Museum and Tropical Ravine throughout her childhood. 

These exotic, provocative and sensory spaces were then, a world away from her own harsh urban environment, and would ultimately, shape her creative future.

See this new work in the members’ gallery at Seacourt until 10th November 2018.


At Seacourt education and life long learning is at the heart of what we do. We take pride in offering a programme of course and workshops that give you the opportunity to try something new, get involved and be creative.

Our facilitators are highly skilled professional artists who pride themselves on providing a supportive, structured process through which to learn new skills and express yourself.

This term we have a menu of techniques that includes Waterless Lithography, Photo Intaglio, Salt Etching and more.

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'DIVERSITY in Print' - Creative Peninsula Open Studios

To celebrate Creative Peninsula and August Craft Month 2018 our members are presenting work that shows the diversity and dynamism of printmaking and some of its many applications beyond the traditional fine art print.   

Seacourt's members have expertise in specialist printmaking techniques from photo intaglio and lithography to etching and screenprinting. The diversity of techniques and their application in art making and craft reminds us how accessible printmaking is - to learn and experiment with or to own and enjoy.  

The work on show reflects this variety of working methods and the creativity of our Artists. Intricate 3D construction work using etching and screenprinting.  Relief print on ceramics. Vibrant screenprinted textiles.  Original screenprinted products to use or wear and original bespoke festival posters.  

We hope you will enjoy this eclectic selection of work that truly shows the breadth and depth of the possibilities of printmaking.

'DIVERSITY in Print' runs throughout August and September.  Our studios are open every day from 10am - 3pm until Saturday 11th August.

Demos every day at 2pm. Check our social media feeds for info.

Detail: 3D print by Penny Brewill


Life and Other Fictions

Seacourt member and facilitator Clinton Kirkpatrick has travelled to Kenya to exhibit his latest work. We are all very proud of Clinton, he has spent countless hours preparing work for this exhibition and we wish him all the best.

Life and other fictions.jpg

International Mini Print Biennial

At Seacourt The Centre for Contemporary Printmaking we are delighted with the huge response to our Mini Print Biennial 2018. The exhibition showcases the work of 140 artists from over 30 countries displaying a wide range of printmaking techniques and exceptional printmaking skills.

The exhibition will run from May 9th - July 27th, 2018 with an official opening on Saturday 12th May at 1 pm.  Elena Carrasco will be providing a Stone Lithography demo at 1.30pm.

Check into the website frequently as we will be displaying the prints of all the artists involved.

A link to all the images in the exhibition can be found on the Exhibitions page of our website


Looking Back - Going Forward

March 2018

 The Exhibition highlights the Printmaking skills by founder members of Seacourt Print Workshop.  Seacourt opened its doors in 1981 and has grown as a Printmaking studio of excellence. Now in 2018 we can appreciate, learn and be inspired by these masters of print.

The Exhibition highlights the Printmaking skills by founder members of Seacourt Print Workshop.

Seacourt opened its doors in 1981 and has grown as a Printmaking studio of excellence. Now in 2018 we can appreciate, learn and be inspired by these masters of print.

Seacourt Members' Annual Exhibition

 Invitation design by Steph Harrison

Invitation design by Steph Harrison

This exhibition of original prints by Seacourt members provides the perfect opportunity to purchase an original artwork at affordable prices. Etchings, lithographs, screen prints and digital works will be on display from the 2 December to the 26 January 2018.

By the Time I get to Phoenix: International Print Exchange

By The Time....jpg

As part of an ongoing initiative by Seacourt to sustain and maintain relationships between international artists and arts organisations this latest exhibition features original prints by 20 artists from Seacourt and 20 guest artists from the Arizona Print Group. Both sets of artists were asked to respond to poets and songwriters from their respective countries and their responses were exchanged in the form of a boxed compilation of artworks. Participating artists include, Edward Ferguson, Helen Roberts ,Fionnuala O’Neill, Tracy Hendry, Steph Harrison, Pamela Armstrong, Clinton Kirkpatrick and more.....

Seacourt Celebrates US Links

 Students from JBU

Students from JBU

Seacourt Print Workshop has welcomed twelve visitors from the John Brown University, Arkansas to its printmaking facilities in The Centre for Contemporary Printmaking, Balloo. The ten students and two staff are spending a fortnight in Bangor learning skills in etching, lithography and relief printing.

Seacourt has been providing half day workshops to JBU students at their Belfast base for the past four years in partnership with Art Historian, Amanda Croft. The quality of that programme has led to our current engagement of providing two weeks of intensive training to Visual Art students. Mr. Bob Martin, Associate Professor of Visual Arts with JBU, visited Seacourt last year to plan the trip. We thank him and the students for travelling 4,000 miles to learn new skills at Seacourt.

Bob Martin said, “Our student art studies group from John Brown University has had an amazing time at Seacourt Print Workshop these past two weeks. The staff at Seacourt have been incredibly helpful in teaching the exciting possibilities of printmaking. The students and faculty in our group, most of which had no print experience, have been challenged to produce some excellent work, and been given the ability to learn new art-making techniques in an inspiring environment. Thanks to Seacourt for their hospitality and a great educational experience. We certainly enjoyed the Bangor area, and hope to make a return trip with a new group of students in the future!”

The connection with JBU is just one of several active links Seacourt has forged and maintained in the US. Currently Seacourt is exhibiting members’ original prints in Pyramid Atlantic Art Centre in Washington DC. An exhibition of artworks by PAAC members will be hosted in Seacourt during June. A print exchange with Arizona Print Group will see 40 artists from both areas exhibit prints at Seacourt’s gallery in The Centre for Contemporary Printmaking in September of this year. Artist exchanges are planned as a further development of the link to Arizona. Further details are available on Seacourt’s website www.seacourt-ni.org.uk/exhibitions.

Chasing the Sublime

Christine Leathem  June 7 - 28

'But in the actual phenomenal world, unity and harmony are replaced by strife or discord; the result is a conflict, a becoming and vanishing, an illusive existence.'
Neoplatonism, Plotinus

I have always felt the desire to reject the chaos of life and find that space, which I sense deep within, that honours stillness. It’s not feeling that there is something more to this world, but rather something beyond the structures we participate in. Maybe to be human, is to plainly exist and accept the perfect emptiness that lies beneath this world of layers, faces, shades and time. It’s the age-old questions: who are we, why are we here?

Drawing has always been a personal form of therapy to me. It is how I spend my free time and helps to resolve or create a place for feelings I can never find the words for. I juxtapose figurative and landscape elements and play with compositions in which negative space becomes just as important as the image area. I layer figurative drawings until they become chaotic and undefined, ghostly and fleeting in appearance. Through this additive approach to image making I explore feelings of discontent that arise through frenetic, external activity.  The negative spaces within the work act as a dichotomy to this; a calmness. Lithography offers a meditative process, from the manual graining of the stone to the direct drawing of the image that demands attentive concentration.

Leathem was born in Northern Ireland and is a graduate from Glasgow School of Art. She trained at the prestigious Tamarind Institute, New Mexico. Recent exhibitions include Symbiosis, Pyramid Atlantic Washington(2017), Bothnia Biennial, Finland (2016), Glasgow Print StudioandTrongate Theatre, Glasgow (2012).

 Confusion I lithograph

Confusion I lithograph

Response Exhibition

Seacourt artists responded to a collection of photographs taken between 1902-08 of native Americans in South-West America. An exhibition of prints and photographs will be on display in Bloomfield Shopping Centre through out the summer. Further detail here

 Last of the American War Chiefs

Last of the American War Chiefs

Global Patterns

An exhibition of original prints exploring the human predilection for pattern making from an International perspective.

Seacourt members where invited to take part in an exhibition exploring the above theme. From the earliest times humans have sought to create patterns visually, socially and through sound. Pattern can be seen within the broader animal world in terms of markings and plumage but the urge to externalise pattern and use it as a cultural signifier is particular to humans. It is this aspect of pattern making that participants where being asked to explore. The use of pattern in cultural artefacts such as flags or emerging through human activity as observed in maps, the built environment or socially in patterns of behaviour. Any culture or time period was open to investigation.

Environmental Baggage - Original Prints by Steph Harrison

Environmental Baggage. Steph Harrison: 2 – 28 February

 Steph Harrison, untitled screen-print

Steph Harrison, untitled screen-print

Harrison’s diagnosis of MS lead her to seek an understanding of the condition through creative engagement with its pathology. The artist has sought to understand past influences which underlie the condition as she strives to cope with physical symptoms in the present. Clarifying the condition’s physical and cognitive effects help to subdue the fear of the future and promote acceptance. MS is said to be a combination of genetic and environmental factors. This new body of work consists of four elements;

Ancestral history and genetic links

The importance of sunlight.


The central nervous system.

The project has been a cathartic process. Continual learning and practicing of new techniques has been important for both the artist’s mental health and preserving physical capabilities.

Exhibition launches 1 February at 7.00pm in the Centre for Contemporary Printmaking, Bangor. Continues to the 28 February.


Mythical Creatures - original prints from Arizona Print Group. 2 Feb - 30 Mar

 Wendy Willis, 'Kurma', relief

Wendy Willis, 'Kurma', relief

 "Myth must be kept alive. The people who can keep it alive are the  artists of one kind or another." 

― Joseph Campbell

 Mythology has provided a means to bond society, a way to transmit history, and as vessels for important lessons, morals, and rules. Myths are prevalent in every civilization worldwide and remain an inspiration for artist seeking to understand our shared humanity. 'Mythologica Creatures' is an exhibition of original prints by members of Arizona Print Group. Utilising the vernacular of traditional and experimental printmaking the participating artists have created visual responses to this rich field of research.
 Developing from this exhibition will be a print exchange project between APG and Seacourt followed by artist exchange opportunities. Exhibiting artists include:Jo Andersen, Josephine Gibbs-Archer, Donna Atwood, Stu Biscoe, Kimberley Boege, Donna Carver, Ashley B. Cranney, Betsy Dally, Christine Dawdy, Brenda Diller, Norma Galindo, Linda Haas, Jennifer Henry, Karen Hymer, Eric Hodgins, Marlys Kubicek, Maria Lynam, Paulette Olive, Ann Otis, Leslie Parsons, Donn Rawlings, Susan L. Ritter, Marjorie Rogers, Jean L. Rossman, Steve Straussner, Marika Szabo, Glory Tacheenie-Campoy, Joan Thompson, Robert Wilder, Mary Lou Wills and Wendy Willis.

Interhuman Exhibition Launch

 Graham, Cedar Foundation

Graham, Cedar Foundation

Seacourt print exhibition challenges perceptions of illness and disability

A special exhibition challenging perceptions of those living with illness or a disability has opened at Bloomfield Shopping Centre.  Developed by Seacourt Print Workshop, which is funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, 70 original prints have been created by participants in an innovative community engagement project called Interhuman.

The Interhuman exhibition marks the completion of the first year of a two-year initiative run by the Seacourt Print Workshop with funding from two of the UK’s most prestigious trusts, the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Interhuman sets out to bring people from marginalised groups together through a common enjoyment of printmaking, challenging the perception of people as defined by their illness or medical condition.

The initiative builds on Seacourt’s long-held commitment to actively engage with people with a wide range of disabilities and health support needs, using printmaking as an effective social tool for creating positive, inclusive, experiences for everyone.

In addition to learning new confidence-building skills and developing new interests in life, the participants are taking part in important research into the impact of the arts on people’s wellbeing. This research involves eleven key support groups and agencies in Northern Ireland, including Action Mental Health, International Women in North Down, The Cedar Foundation, Positive Futures and Jigsaw NI

Seacourt’s expanding engagement programme strives to make art socially relevant to the wider community.  Our experience is that the arts are particularly good at bringing people from all walks of life together in shared activity. Printmaking is uniquely accessible for everyone, irrespective of ability or experience. As participants develop new skills their confidence grows and their creativity blossoms conferring a real sense of personal achievement. Through our Interhuman project we hope to contribute to the growing body of evidence supporting the benefits of the arts to people’s wellbeing.

Noírín McKinney, Director of Arts Development at the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Seacourt Print Workshop’s principal funder, said: “The Arts Council is committed, through our funding, to the principle that everyone in society has the right to enjoy the benefits of the arts. Seacourt Print Workshop’s engagement programmes, such as the Interhuman project, are tremendous demonstrations of this principle in action, opening pathways into printmaking for people from all backgrounds and abilities. We are delighted to support Seacourt Print Workshop as it continues deliver the best possible participatory experiences for everyone.”

The Interhuman exhibition will continue at Bloomfield shopping centre until January 6th 2017.

Notes to editors:

Groups participating the in Interhuman Exhibition include: International Women in North Down, Positive Futures, The Link, Action Mental Health, Cranley Lodge, The Cedar Foundation, Jigsaw NI, AGEnda, Age North Down and Ards, Bangor Men’s Shed and Bangor Art Projects. 

Additional support for those already keen to keep printing has been offered through funding from the Halifax Foundation.

Seacourt Print Workshop is a universally accessible, fine-art print facility providing access to the widest range of printmaking techniques in Ireland. In addition to being an artists’ resource with a gallery space, Seacourt Print Workshop runs a wide range of public classes and engagement programmes. It is based at The Centre for Contemporary Printmaking in Dunlop Industrial Estate, Bangor. It is Email: info@seacourt-ni.org.uk or Tel: 028 9146 0595. Website: http://www.seacourt-ni.org.uk/

Symbiosis - Double Vision

 Enzo Minarro

Enzo Minarro

This exhibition presents symbiotic relationships explored through original printmaking as part of a regional Festival in Finland. The exhibition will be hosted by Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku, Lapua during August. This will be part of the  Bothnia Biennial, a region wide festival. Seacourt's participation was made possible through an ongoing exchange link with  Vanha Paukku

Eden's Blueprint at the International Airport

 Robbie Bower

Robbie Bower

Eden's Blueprint, an exhibition of original prints inspired by the historic site of Antrim Castle, is now on diplay in the departures area of Belfast International Airport. This partnership project is with Clotworthy House Art Centre in Antrim. Antrim Castle Gardens are of the most unique and historically intact gardens in the UK and throughout Ireland. The former seat of the Skeffington family, Viscounts Massereene and Ferrard, Antrim Castle occupied its imposing setting on the banks of the Sixmilewater River since 1610. The family began laying out the gardens in the 17th century. While the castle itself was destroyed by fire in 1922 the principal Anglo-Dutch water features of the gardens, though somewhat neglected, have remained largely intact. These unique historic gardens, located close to Antrim town centre, recently underwent a major programme of works to restore many of the key features dating back to the late 17th century. The Heritage Lottery Fund’s recognition of Antrim Castle Garden’s historical significance provided the impetus for Antrim Borough Council to undertake what was the biggest garden restoration project seen in Northern Ireland. The exhibition continues through November.

This exhibition will also be on display in the Offices of the First and Deputy First Minister, Brussels from September 2016 through to March 2017

Interhuman I Exhibition

This exhibition presents over 90 original prints created by participants in a comunity engagement project called Interhuman

Interhuman is a two year project funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. During year one participant were introduced to new skills in printmaking and have also been taking part in a research programme to ascertain if impact on wellbeing can be measured. In year two the participants will be brought together in mixed groups based on their enjoyment of making art as opposed to being corralled under socially expedient definitions tied to disability or ethnic origin.  Additional support for those already keen to keep printing has been offered through funding from the Halifax Foundation.

 Participating groups include –

International Women, Positive Futures, The Link, Action Mental Health, Cranley Lodge, The Cedar Foundation, Jigsaw NI, AGEnda, NDCN, Bangor Men’s Shed and Bangor Art Projects. The artwork created by the participating groups has been exceptional, irrespective of age or ability.

The exhibition launches on the 15th of September and runs to the 30th. The show will then move to Bloomfield Shopping Centre until the 17th of November.


Seacourt Open Studio Event 2016

 Prize winner Shauna McGowan. Image courtesy of the artists

Prize winner Shauna McGowan. Image courtesy of the artists

During August Seacourt: The Centre for Contemporary Printmaking will be offering an opportunity to learn more about original printmaking. The annual Open Studio event provides demonstrations in a range of printmaking techniques alongside exhibitions and a chance to speak directly to artists about their creative process.

The event runs from the 1st to the 14th August and access is available 9.30 – 4.30 each day including Saturdays and Sundays. This year there will be exhibitions by textile artists Shauna McGowan and Katie Brown. Both are past recipients of Craft NI’s making it Programme and are highly respected within their field. Shauna recently won 1st place at the RDS National Craft Awards in the Emerging Leatherwork Category whilst Katie was awarded the Bronze Award in the Fashion & Accessories in the 2016 Etsy Awards. Their exhibition will be accompanied by the work of three artists from Finland. Susanna Shearman, Christine Jalio & Mervi Viitajylha visited Seacourt earlier this year and spent time collecting stories and artefacts relating to loss and grieving from local people. Their collaborative installation is a response to those stories.

The Open Studio event is a great introduction to the world of original printmaking. The word ‘print’ can be deceptive as it conjures up the posters that can be bought in IKEA or Homebase. Original prints are hand worked using techniques that may have a history of 500 years or at the edge of new technological developments. To understand the difference you really need to see the laborious processes and artistic skill involved. Our print demonstrations take place at 2.00pm each day except Mondays and will offer a real insight into the methods involved. Seacourt has established itself as a world-class organisation in a universally accessible facility. 

Full programme available at http://www.seacourt-ni.org.uk/open-studio