Chasing the Sublime

Christine Leathem  June 7 - 28

'But in the actual phenomenal world, unity and harmony are replaced by strife or discord; the result is a conflict, a becoming and vanishing, an illusive existence.'
Neoplatonism, Plotinus

I have always felt the desire to reject the chaos of life and find that space, which I sense deep within, that honours stillness. It’s not feeling that there is something more to this world, but rather something beyond the structures we participate in. Maybe to be human, is to plainly exist and accept the perfect emptiness that lies beneath this world of layers, faces, shades and time. It’s the age-old questions: who are we, why are we here?

Drawing has always been a personal form of therapy to me. It is how I spend my free time and helps to resolve or create a place for feelings I can never find the words for. I juxtapose figurative and landscape elements and play with compositions in which negative space becomes just as important as the image area. I layer figurative drawings until they become chaotic and undefined, ghostly and fleeting in appearance. Through this additive approach to image making I explore feelings of discontent that arise through frenetic, external activity.  The negative spaces within the work act as a dichotomy to this; a calmness. Lithography offers a meditative process, from the manual graining of the stone to the direct drawing of the image that demands attentive concentration.

Leathem was born in Northern Ireland and is a graduate from Glasgow School of Art. She trained at the prestigious Tamarind Institute, New Mexico. Recent exhibitions include Symbiosis, Pyramid Atlantic Washington(2017), Bothnia Biennial, Finland (2016), Glasgow Print StudioandTrongate Theatre, Glasgow (2012).

Confusion I lithograph

Confusion I lithograph