Tutor: Clinton Kirkpatrick
Saturday 29th September
10.00AM—4.00PM - 8 places

This workshop is perfect for those who enjoy painting, mark making and spontaneity in creating images. Participants should bring source images for inspiration.


Textile Print Workshop (Heat Reactive Dyes) 
Tutor: Shauna McGowan
Saturday 6th October
10.00 AM—4.00 PM - 5 places

This experimental and vibrant workshop is perfect for those with an interest in surface design and textiles. Using heat reactive dyes playfully painted onto paper we will bring synthetic fabric to life with the heat press. Using objects such as feathers, leaves, stencils, threads, doilies we will build up exciting patterns on fabric. Participants will leave with a variety of unique fabric samples.

 Image: Shauna McGowan

Image: Shauna McGowan

 Image: Reis Turnbull

Image: Reis Turnbull


Tutor: Reis Turnbull
Saturday 13th October
10.00AM—4.00PM - 5 places

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. Engineers used the process well into the 20th century as a simple and low-cost process to produce copies of drawings, referred to as blueprints. Participants should bring a photo or drawing to work from.


Tutor: Jessica Hollywood
Sunday 14th October
10.00 AM—4.00 PM - 4 places

Letterpress printing is a technique of relief printing using a printing press, a process through which text can be used as a repeatable visual element. Wooden and lead type of various sizes can be incorporated into a composition of words.

 Image: Jessica Hollywood

Image: Jessica Hollywood

Waterless Lithography

Tutor: Penny Brewill
Saturday 3rd November
10.00AM—4.00PM - 5 places

Waterless Lithography is a relatively new process involving printing an image drawn on to an aluminium plate. It is safe, very quick and easy to learn. It allows for sensitive drawn marks and tonal washes using a range of easily available drawing materials.

waterless litho.jpg

Print your own Tote Bags

Tutor: Jessica Hollywood
Sunday 4th November
10.00AM—4.00PM - 4 places

Create your own quirky, custom designed graphics to print and embellish canvas bags. You will be introduced to design development and screen printing skills. You are sure to leave with an individual and unique tote bag.


 Image: Jessica Hollywood

Image: Jessica Hollywood

Salt Etch

Tutor: Penny Brewill
Saturday 17th November
10.00 AM—4.00 PM - 5 places

An introduction to an alternative intaglio process. This day course will cover preparation of an aluminum plate using floor polish and cooking fat. Participants should bring a photographic or hand drawn image from which their plate will be prepared. Images need to have areas of strong contrasting tones.