Outreach education

Our outreach programmes are designed to provide quality print making experiences for students in their own school. We can set your classroom up as a print studio and work with students of any age and ability.

These workshops can be specifically tailored to your requirements to link in with artists and project themes, to support coursework or for an arts week activity.  Contact us for more details and to discuss you specific needs.

GCSE and A Level Students:

This is an excellent introduction to print making guided by one of our professional printmakers and using equipment we will supply.  These programmes are ideal for schools that are not able to access our workshop courses because of the geographical distances involved. 

We have an excellent reputation of delivering high quality support which is recognised as having a significant part to play in improving student outcomes.   

Primary Schools:

Seacourt Print Workshop’s Primary Schools' Outreach Programmes introduce children to a range of simple but exciting printmaking experiences.  Print making offers endless possibilities for even very young children to explore and experiment with mark making and design.  

We offer workshops that explore printmaking in the context of KS1 and KS2 ‘The Arts’ and/or ‘The World Around Us’ to support the curriculum or delivered during after-school clubs to cover areas additional to the curriculum. We are happy to talk with you about how we can help you with your projects