Art Teacher and Art Technician Summer Access programme £60.00

July 31 - August 4 2017 10.00am - 4.00pm daily

Here is an opportunity to re-charge your creative batteries after another hectic year teaching. On day one you will be introduced to a technique of your choice from Salt Etch, Screen Printing and Relief. Over the following four days you have complete access to Seacourt's equipment and tools and 'play' with your creativity. Some materials are additional.

'A' Level, GCSE and Pre-University course £60.00

August 14 - 18 2017 10.00am - 4.00pm daily

Seacourt will be running a Summer Print Programme suitable for ‘A’ Level, GCSE and pre-university students. Over the course of the week professional artists will be introducing you to screen printing, salt etching, relief and photo intaglio. This will be a great opportunity to build up your portfolios for your exams or develop skills for art college.