Your donations help us fund our services and meet our charitable aims and they make a difference.

Did you know?

25% from every print sale goes towards delivering our education programme introducing over 1000 children and young people to printmaking every year.

Every print sale makes an Artists day! 

Aside from some precious income our printmakers get a real kick out of knowing that someone likes their work and will enjoy it forever. We love to see the work you’ve taken home in situ – take a photo and tag us on Instagram.

(If you would like to ensure that your donation goes to one of the examples above please let us know.)

All the income and donations Seacourt recieves are pumped right back into our running costs and programmes.

It is vital and helps us:

  • support and nurture our creatives
  • provide employment for artists who help nurture creativity
  • provide community and connection
  • provide an extensive education programme working with over 1000 young people every year
  • improve lives and circumstances