I came to work Seacourt in July 2018 after almost 20 years working in arts management.  I’d always followed Seacourt progress and programmes and when I saw there was a vacancy to lead the Charity I knew I had to try to get that job!

I’ve spent years working with artists, creating opportunities, bringing communities and creatives together to make things happen.  I had a specific interest in how creatives open up possibilities for people who are vulnerable, isolated or at risk. I felt I could bring this experience to the work Seacourt delivers for those with mental heath, long term illnesses and life challenges.

As someone who has lived with mental health for many years (and the times of challenge and difficulty that that brings) I feel lucky to be part of offering programmes that help people heal and move towards better times in life.

Printmaking is very special! In a short session a person with no experience can have the experience of creating something. While you make your plate you decompress, relax, concentrate and enter an almost meditative state. Inking up brings some energy to the process and then to the press. There is almost always a held breath as the plate goes through the press and the ‘ah moment’ when you get to see the result of your work. There’s a moment of surprise and sense of achievement to have a print you made in your hands. As your experience grows you start to problem solve and experiment and you are usually addicted!

For the individual confidence grows, there’s a sense of achievement and the hope that can bring. There is benefit in the body - from that period of concentration and quiet work. Our participants talk about looking forward to getting to Seacourt, for ‘their’ time and it gives people something they need to sustain them as they navigate life.

We’re working hard to try and grow this side of our work.

The other side of of our print workshop that excites me is the potential of the creatives who belong to Seacourt. Pushing their amazing work into the world, growing sales, dreaming up opportunities for residencies and commissions. There are such exciting possibilities and so many stories to tell!

Thanks for your interest and support, it means a lot to us all. Do come to Seacourt for a course or to see some amazing artwork, we’ll be there to offer a warm welcome.