Our Vision:

Advance printmaking, support regeneration and prosperity, build respectful engaged communities and improve health and well being

Our Mission:

To be a creative institution introducing people to printmaking and visual arts and delivering personal development, community good and an engaging place to live, visit and work.

We believe that creativity is a powerful tool that can transform lives. But we also believe that being creative for creativities own sake is restorative, exciting and a means of opening up possibility.

How we do what we do

Our main priorities are to provide access to creativity, educational opportunity, contribute to the cultural regeneration of Bangor and central to all our services is improving health and well-being.

We deliver a range of programmes specifically designed for each set of users including:

  • ongoing course and workshops programme for people of all ages offering a positive creative outlet
  • a printmaking driven education programme for GCSE and A Level students along with teacher training and personal development
  • CREATE CONNECT that provides support and creative intervention for people who are isolated, have chronic illness, with mental health or those who are facing life challenges
  • Support for our members to build creative careers, show their work and sell their work

Printmaking is a democratic and accessible art form. It is a technique that breaks down the barrier to creativity and in this form of art making there is a little magic and wonder – the held breath as the print comes off the press and ‘ah’ moment of the first glimpse of what someone has made.

We deliver supportive printmaking sessions where our users learn skills, have time to decompress and continue to recover from illness or life challenges. No experience necessary and we help people get the best result they can on the day.

We offer opportunities to be creative whatever your age. Through events, courses, projects or demonstrations or exhibitions of artwork we help inspire and provide enjoyment and community.

We champion artists and provide resources and support for their art making. We also connect artists with people who enjoy their work and benefit from the connection.