Q Do I need to be a member to print at Seacourt Print Workshop?
A Yes. But we have a range of memberships from one day to key holding. We ask you to fill out a form, tell us about your printmaking experience so we can ensure your time with us is safe and comfortable and we ask you to have a short induction prior to using the facilities. Then it’s time to print!

Q What equipment does Seacourt have?
A We have the widest range of printmaking equipment in Ireland. See our full list here

Q What experience do I need to become a member at Seacourt?
A Members need to have sufficient experience of printmaking that they can be mostly self-sufficient in using the facilities. We have part time technician support and for those who want to brush up on skills we recommend a one to one session to assess whether it’s time for membership or a technique refresher.

Q Can I get things printed at Seacourt Print Workshop?
A Yes. Seacourt offers a limited range of print services including digital printing and screen printing. We’re happy to talk to you about what you need and if we can help within your budget we will/

Q Do you run workshops for children?
A Young people over the age of 16 can come to Seacourt independently if they have experience of printmaking. We offer classes to children and young people so that they can experience printmaking and have an extra opportunity to be creative.

Q When is Seacourt open?
A We are open Monday to Friday 9.30am-4:30pm. 

Q Do you sell inks, paper and materials?
A Yes. We have a range of different materials which we sell. See our price list here.  

Q Can I volunteer at Seacourt Print Workshop?
A YES! We have opportunities for volunteers to help with projects, courses, exhibitions and events. Call us on 02890460595 to discuss

Q Do you offer any discounts for students or unwaged people on courses?
A Where we can we offer a concession rate for people aged 65+ or those on benefits.

Q What type of memberships are available?
A We offer several types of memberships for occasional use up to full time access. Check out the options here.