We build lasting relationships at Seacourt. Once you are part of our community there is always a warm welcome and source of support and encouragement here.

Our workshop is a highly collaborative place where everyone is happy to discuss techniques, help with creative problems and give feedback. 

Our staff also provide mentoring, support, and sometimes inspiration or challenge.

These qualities are evident in our education and life-long learning programmes – students often speak about new ideas, the difference the artists [perspective brings and how this helps them be more creative and achieve their goals.

All our participative programmes are centred around well-being and improving your mental health through creativity. 

Through our targeted well-being programmes we aim to create a safe space that is there for people to rely upon whatever the day or week has brought and share friendship, support and be creative. Seacourt is described by some of our users as ‘a lifeline’ - ‘the high point of the week’ – ‘I leave my troubles at the door’ and for us it doesn’t get much better than that!