Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

“Giving back through volunteering is a rewarding experience both for the person who volunteers and the organisation who hosts the. It is an amazing way of gaining experience with a view to future employment or sharing talents or expertise that might benefit the organisation. I highly recommend volunteering – I believe it was the thing that set me apart from other candidates when I applied for my first position in arts management and I genuinely believe it was the stepping stone to my career which is immensely rewarding. Do it!”

Emma Drury, Director of Seacourt


Why volunteer?

Volunteering has many benefits that we can quantify but there are also unexpected rewards that we can’t predict. These include:

  • making a difference to the life of someone who is vulnerable
  • contributing to the community you live in and seeing things happen first hand
  • gaining experience of a new skill that might help your employability
  • sharing your talents or expertise for the benefit of others
  • meeting people, making friends and creating networks
  • building confidence and resilience


What volunteering involves

We have a number of opportunities to volunteer from a few hours on an ad hoc basis or placements over a longer period of time. Examples of these are:

  • Joining our board and sharing your expertise to help the organisation develop and grow (click here for the current advertisement)
  • Giving a few hours at an event, project or exhibition – we often need an extra pair of hands for supervision, handing leaflets or invigilating an exhibition
  • Gaining project delivery experience by shadowing an artist facilitating or teaching
  • Helping with social media and promotion
  • Undertaking essential tasks such as cleaning, stock control, organising supplies or artworks and other things that are essential to the smooth running of our centre

Volunteer with Seacourt now!

We are always interested in hearing from potential volunteers. Click on our current opportunity tab here or complete the enquiry form. Please give as much detail as you can about the time you have available, your aspirations, your skills and any support needs you might have.

Who volunteers – case studies 

Ebony our intern

Ebony is an art student who is taking a year out from her studies at University of Ulster. She wanted to gain some professional experience and take some time to reflect about the kind of career she wants to forge. She approached us to request a placement and we were delighted to take her on to help with social media, our website, to undertake some training in workshop support, teaching and facilitation.

Quote from Ebony


Current opportunities
We are seeking volunteers for our board of directors. We have a particular interest in people who bring expertise in finance or enterprise but we are open to proposals from people who want to play an active role in our growth and development. Here’s how to apply.